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VIP Smile Lounge caters to you in the privacy of your own home or desired location. Do you have a busy schedule and prefer convenience? Maybe you don’t like crowds or exposure to the public; We got you covered. Same day services available! Contact us today to book your appointment.

At VIP Smile Lounge

At VIP smile lounge we provide private/mobile LED teeth whitening and the option of a designer smile, designed by you! Book a private session in the comfort of your own home. Schedule services as part of your next Birthday, Bachelorette party or prior to your wedding/family photos.

Did you know that your teeth contribute to your first impression? Your smile is your greeting to the world. Recover your bright white smile today!

Feeling a little extra? Consider a Swarovski Tooth Gem, 18k gold charm or VVS Diamond to add the look of luxury.

Our Services

It is our goal to build the confidence you deserve with enhancing your personal greeting to the world!
Whether you’re looking to replenish your pearly whites or show your individuality with a new luxury smile, we have you covered


All Prices based on product used and application labor

Teeth Whitening

LED Whitening

Rapid White (15m)

2-3 Shades

Pearly White (30m)

3-6 Shades

White White (60m)

6-10 Shades
24K Gold

Bright White (60m)

6-10 Shades


Re Mineralization

Re Mineralization Treatment


Tooth Polishing


Tooth Polishing


Combo Deals

White White LED Whitening + 1 Tooth Gem


(2) Pearly White LED Whitening Sessions


Teeth Whitening results can very depending on the origin of the stain and how long it has been continuously set into the enamel.( heavy smoking or daily wine drinkers will require multiple treatments to reach desired results)

Tooth Gems / Charms / Diamonds

All Gems Genuine Swarovski Crystals

1-3 Gems

$40 each

4-6 Gems

$30 each

7-10 Gems

$20 each

11-20 Gems

$15 each

Opals +

$5 each

Tooth Gems Designs



Tooth Outline


Disco Ball




Additional Design Fees

Simple Design


Complex Design


Tooth Charms

18k Yellow Gold Charms

$115 each

18k White Gold Charms

$100 each

VVS Diamonds

0.01 CT VVS Diamond

$150 each



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